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FC Barcelona vs Real Betis Tickets - Sunday 30 April 2023

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Sunday 30 April 2023 - 21:00
At Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain
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Camp Nou Stadium Seating Chart

The FC Barcelona vs Real Betis tickets are in high demand and our inventory might sold out very soon. Check our great prices and book your FC Barcelona vs Real Betis tickets now to secure your seats. We will deliver your tickets via top courier services such as Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL or our own top delivery services. The FC Barcelona vs Real Betis football match will take place at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on 30/04/2023 - 21:00. Book the  FC Barcelona vs Real Betis tickets now and join the unforgettable, thrilling experience.

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Location Price Quantity  
Gol 2
2nd Tier Gol
of 28
Gol 1
1st Tier Gol
of 26
Single Tickets
Any Available Single (not together) Ticket.
of 21
Gol 3 Tier
3rd Tier Gol
of 22
Shortside upper
of 18
Gol 2nd Tier
Behind the Goal 2nd Floor
of 30
Gol 1st Tier
Behind the Goal 1st Floor
of 29
Lateral 2
Longside Corner 2nd Tier
of 22
Lateral 1
Longside Corner 1st Tier
of 23
Lateral 4th Tier
Longside upper
of 25
Lateral 3 Premium
Longside Center 3rd Tier
of 19
Lateral 3 Tier Central
Longside 3rd Tier Central
of 28
Grandstand Tribuna 2nd Tier
Tribuna Corner 2nd Tier
of 18
Lateral 2nd Tier Central
Longside Center 2nd Tier
of 30
Grandstand Tribuna 1st Tier
Tribuna Corner 1st Tier
of 19
Grandstand Tribuna 2nd Central
Tribuna Center 2nd Tier
of 20
Lateral 1st Tier Central
Longside Center 1st Tier
of 19
Grandstand Tribuna 1st Central
Tribuna Center 1st Tier
of 27
VIP Hospitality Shortside
Shortside 2n Ring including catering and bar service.
of 22
VIP Hospitality Longside
Longside tickets including catering and bar service.
of 23
Category 3
Blocks 520/530 or 540/550
of 26
CAT2 Longside
Longside Blocks from 530 to 539
of 19
Category 1
Longside 3rd Floor
of 22
CAT1 Premium
Blocks from 432 to 438
of 30
CAT1 Gold
Longside 2nd Floor
of 27
CAT1 Platinum
Longside 1st Floor
of 26
CAT1 Platinum Tribuna
Blocks 01/011 or 100/112
of 28
CAT1 Premium Platinum
Longside 1st or 2nd floor CENTRAL
of 26
CAT1 Tribuna 2nd Central
Tribuna Central 2nd Tier Between the Penalty Boxes.
of 30
CAT1 Tribuna 1st Central
Tribuna Central 1st Tier Between the Penalty Boxes.
of 22
Away section
Seats with guest team fans.
of 27
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